Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ten Must Do Things On A Cruise Ship

I am getting very excited to go on the cruise we have booked for January 2013, on the new Carnival Breeze.  I have cruised more than a dozen times on all the major cruise lines.

Here are some of my best travel tips.

Here are ten wonderful things you can enjoy on your next cruise vacation.

1. Walking the decks at night. It is one of the most relaxing things to do on a cruise ship. The night sky, the moon. the water and most cruise lines have music playing on the upper decks~so romantic!

2. If you can afford it, get a balcony.  It's so beautiful to sit out on your balcony at night.   A balcony is a great place to share a breakfast for two.

3. Order room service. 24 hour room service is included with your cruise, take advantage of it.

4. Each night when you return to your room the cruise line  delivers a "newspaper"  of activities for the next day. This is so much fun to read and plan.

5. The atrium of the ship. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the ship. We love to "stroll" through the shops before dinner.

6. The "sail away" party on deck as you leave each port. Waking up in a new port every morning.

7. Staying on the ship when everyone goes into the port. We enjoy the ship not being so crowded.  No line for the water slide:)

8. Book a cruise that has their own "private island". This is a great beach day. The cruise line provides all the fun and activities on the island. We go over first thing in the morning and stay all day.

9. The Vegas style shows that are "free" (included with your cruise fare). The opening night comedian, so funny!

10. Taking a nap on the deck.

Let me know if you have any questions about cruising. I love to share what I know


  1. Replies
    1. we need to plan another trip...I am sooooooooo sure Sheila would be up to that:)

    2. We should open a group cruise up to all your bloggy friends:) how much fun would that be:)

  2. We just got home yesterday from our first cruise (Disney). My advice...go all out and book a long cruise! Ours was only 3 days and not nearly long enough. It was amazing though! We're already planning our next one:)

    1. Becky. our first cruise my husband did not want to go. (I think he had watched to many Love Boats in the 70s). (--see him napping and riding the water slide: let's not tell him I posted those pictures:)

      The 2nd day on the ship all he could talk about was going again. I agree 3 days is way, way too short. I have done a 4 day, and that was too short. At least you know you like it. The CCL I have booked in January is an 8 day:)

      Thanks for reading and your comments:)

  3. I've been on one cruise, and loved it! Did get a little "sea sick" but thankfully slept it off with some dramamine! :) Your tips are great. I concur. But I didn't know about the included room service! Or if I did, I forgot! Gotta remember that one!

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    2. Thanks Stacey-- I just have to think about going & I am ready to book. Lazy mom missed 24/7 room service???? Really????


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