Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Top Ten Things I Could Write About

My daughter, Jenilee thought I should write a blog...... I was not convinced I had anything worth sharing.

I think a lot of people think the same thing. Hopefully, this will help you come up with your own list of possibilities.

Here is my list.

1.Ideas on  raising productive children. I am so proud of my 3 daughters, they are incredible. They are wonderful mom's and do a great job taking care of their families.  I see the results, I must have done a lot of things right!

2. What it takes to have a great marriage- certainly after 33 + years I have learned something:)  My husband is one of the greatest blessing in my life.

3. Travel- I love to travel and share the travel tips I have learned.

4. Family fun time.  Living on a lake in Michigan makes that easy.

5. Cooking-  I have many time saving ideas for creating healthy meals. I think that cooking from scratch has become a lost art - we eat very little processed foods.

6. Sewing- this is the MAIN reason for my blog:)

7. Weight loss, getting fit & healthy eating.  I started strength training at 52?- I really should write about how this has changed my life.

8. Spiritual life-  My faith in God's protection and direction. God has done some wonderful things that I could write about.

9. Being a grand mother. I love this part of my life.

10.  _______________________________ any ideas ?

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