Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tansy Green Leather End Table

In 2007 we bought a beautiful condo on a lake. The sun-room is a favorite spot to relax. I painted the lake facing wall -- Sherwin Williams "tansy green" SW6424. It is a bright beautiful grass green and makes a perfect frame for viewing the lake.

It really has become one of my favorite colors.

I have been very, very busy the last 2 months, we are working on completing our 1200 square foot lower level.

I am  so excited. my goal is to use all re-purposed furniture except two pieces of furniture that I have bought new...a love seat  for the family room and the 3 sets of bunkbeds for the Grand-girls room.

(That will be another blog soon!)

I have been on a mission to find the perfect pieces to put together.

The first item I found was two very pretty rocking swivel chairs on Craig's List. I wanted swivel chairs so they could turn to watch TV, or visit with another guest or turn completely around to view the lake. (That idea came to me about 2:00 AM one night when I was thinking about the layout of the room!)

In my Martha Stewart Living Magazine  I found a leather topped table idea. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. and I have kept it in my "Idea Binder" .

My first challenge was to find the perfect table.  I found this one on Craig's List for $20.00.

The size (12x20) was perfect, but I did not like the country dip on the side:)

I brought the table to a new friend of mine that does AMAZING ...really AMAZING things to create beautiful pieces of re-purposed furniture. ( I have Michelle working on a few other piece for my lower level project I can't wait to share them with you). I found her on Craig's list, when she posted a re-imagined  beautiful Hooker Cabinet.

You can find her at Re-Imagined Just For You

She painted the table a shade of grey with  Annie Sloan Paint that is a perfect compliment to the leather and the accent chairs.  I also had them cut the "old" country curves off each side of the table to give it a modern look

My next big challenge was to find the perfect (green) leather. I went to the most incredible leather store in Grand Rapids called Tandy Leather  I  found the perfect tansy leather green cow to put on the top of my table. The only problem was I had to buy the WHOLE  Italian green leather cow!! All 30 square feet!

My husband was not too happy with my New Large Green Cow- but I was elated that I found the perfect piece of leather.

Here is my finished project!

Love it!!! Love it!! Love it!!!

I can't wait to share the rests of my projects with you.

Finishing, 1200 square feet with all re-purposed furniture is a lot of fun!


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    1. It is sitting right here by me and it looks really pretty- I am looking forward to sharing the rest of my "projects"--


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