Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Fun Bedroom Design For 6 Girls

ALL six of my grand children are girls, they range in age from 2 months up to 9 years old.

I had so much fun planning a room for when they come visit our lake front home.

 (Hopefully it turn out so comfortable they never want to leave:)

I started with an idea from an HGTV Show called Sarah's House . Sarah Richardson did a  bedroom in a  cottage for her own children. She used different but matching quilts.  Here is a link to Sarah's website.
 I put that idea in my " decorating binder" that I store all my favorite colors and ideas in.

I found 6 different quilts that have the same color pallet, but each one has a different designs.

I decided to go with, bright green, soft yellow and pinks, which are the dominant colors in the quilts.

We painted the room a beautiful soft yellow from Benjamin Moore- called HC5- Weston Flax 

(My idea book had a note from an old House Beautiful Magazine, stating the this yellow was perfect for a north facing room. The girls lake front bedroom window faces north)

Now that it is painted - I totally agree with House Beautiful--- it looks beautiful ---I am loving me some yellow)

My next challenge was to find a dresser that had 6 drawers., I wanted to put their names on each drawer.

 I  found this dresser  that  desperately needed some TLC at a local thrift store for 90.00. It is a mid-century style with lovely curved drawer fronts.The dresser was solid but ugly:)

I took it to a very talented lady at Re-Imagined.   Michelle is so creative and uses Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.

I gave her the color scheme and some fabrics that I was going to use for decorating the room and told her just go for it ~ I have seen a lot of her work and I completely trusted her to create a beautiful  and fun piece of furniture for the grand girls room!

Here is the dresser completed. I love it!

 Michelle at Re-Imagined Just For You,  also created a really unique wall hanging for their room.

 I had wanted to write a permanent note to the girls that was also dated Summer 2012 to remember the year we completed the room for them.

One of the times I stopped at Re-Imagined , they had stacks of cupboard and drawer fronts, over 600 of them:)
Michelle told me they where going to make some fun things with paint and hooks.   I knew immediately I had to have one. 

 It turned out so cute. The cupboard and drawer front re-imagined---- with chalk board paint & hooks. I had her finish it with permanent  white paint so our note would last forever. 

It looks  so great on the wall.

We finished the room with 3 set of cream cottage looking bunk beds.

They came from Art Van Furniture in Grand Rapids Michigan

It is from their Petite Phillipe Collection.

I also love the "port hole" looking mirror which is perfect for this lakefront bedroom


I hope the "Grand Girls" love the room and make many memories of being at grandma & grandpa lakefront home. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks- I hope they love it too! I am happy with how it turned out:)

  2. Fantastic!! Love it all! Can I be a grand girl too???

  3. Yes- we are all grand girls:)
    Last Saturday afternoon, I laid on the bottom bunk when Elizabeth was trying out her bunk. The window open, the breeze off the lake and the room so pretty---could have taken a very very long nap:)

  4. This is so cute! I love the dresser and the bunk beds, it is FUN! Please make sure to post a pic when the quilts are on the beds! And that Sara's House is my favorite show! Too bad it was over when she finished the house! :)

  5. Flavia, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I agree- on the photo with the quilts- I had to wait until the grand girls arrived from Ohio to choose which bed the wanted, they had already chosen their quilt..I will let you know when I post the photo's. When we made all the beds it was way prettier:)

    I took a minute and read your blog- wonderful decorations! Beautiful!


    1. I just posted the pictures with the quilts on the beds.

  6. You surely did a great job for the dresser! The bunk beds are cool too! They fit well even with budget-friendly mattresses!

    1. Thanks for taking a look- little grand girls loved it!!!

  7. BEAUTIFUL! May I ask where the bunk beds are from? We're expecting #4 and need another set of bunkbeds, thinking white instead of browns! They look lovely. The whole room looks AMAZING!

  8. I bought them at a furniture in Michigan called Art Van - Here is the link

    Thank you for the kind words. They are actually cream, which is pretty:)


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